We specialize in architectural acoustic design, multimedia/audio-visual system design, performance testing and evaluation, Mechanical (HVAC) noise control and environmental noise control.

State of the Art Acoustik Inc was founded in 1987 in Ottawa, Canada. We are members of the INCE (Institute of Noise Control Engineering), the CAA (Canadian Acoustical Association), the ASA (Acoustical Society of America), and the NCAC (National Council of Acoustical Consultants).

Our projects range in complexity from individual homes to the largest commercial and institutional buildings. Our involvement in these projects ranges from advice on particular details of construction, to major roles on large projects where the focus of the project may be artistic performance, speech privacy or complex AV systems.

We use a variety of test, measurement and modeling tools. We have computer modeling programs that can predict acoustic behaviors in built space using three dimensional models that replicate the surface characteristics as well as the shape of the spaces, existing or planned, interior or exterior.

We also have modeling tools that can predict that ambient sound levels in a space from planned HVAC installations. We maintain a complete suite of test equipment for acoustical testing in existing environments and collaborate frequently with the National Research Council of Canada.